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Waterproofing Services

Auckland’s Waterproofing Experts

Waterproofing means saving or protecting your home from moisture using different substances and practices so that the damage caused due to the moisture can be minimised. Thus, the areas needing the waterproofing can be-

  1. Bathroom,
  2. Kitchen,
  3. Toilet,
  4. Basements,
  5. Water tank,
  6. Swimming pools,
  7. Roofs and terraces
  8. Balconies etc.

After knowing the areas that need waterproofing, let’s talk about different types of waterproofing available-

  • Liquid waterproofing membrane-Liquid waterproofing requires the coating of monolithic, fully bonded and liquid based coating to a roof. It cures into a rubberlike membrane that protects from moisture.It is capable of stretching and then returning to its actual shape without any damage.
  • Cementitious waterproofing- It is considered the easiest form of waterproofing, most easily available and is easy to apply too. This waterproofing technique can be used in bridges, dams, water treatment plants, railways and subway systems, parking structures and tunnels etc.
  • Bituminous waterproofing- Bitumen is a substance made up of organic liquids that are highly sticky, viscous as well as waterproof. Asphalt or coal tar pitch is generally used.
  • Polyurethane waterproofing- It is made of two substances- the base and the reactor. The combination of both these in a specified ratio results in a waterproofing substance for waterproofing applications.

Professional Waterproofing Services Auckland

Why is the service of thorough professionals such as QPaint required?

Due to following reasons-

  • The professionals possess the required experience as well as expertise to finish the job satisfactorily. They are highly trained in the area and possess the skill to perfectly finish the job. They will always recommend to you their professional opinion whenever required.
  • The professionals not only have the right skill set, they also possess the right equipment or machinery to get the job done. This equipment is generally the latest technology to make the best use of their expertise.
  • When you connect with your waterproofing professional, before they actually start with the job, they will give you a proper and detailed quotation regarding the amount of money that would be needed for the job.
  • The services that these professionals provide are insurable to ensure the minimum monetary damage.
  • Lastly, one time investments of this kind can seem costly but are actually money saving in the long run, as if not treated timely, water and moisture damage can amount to be huge.
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