3 Advantages Of Constructing Walls/Ceilings With GIB® Fixers

Posted by: qpaint_admin / July 22, 2022

Over the years, technology and architectural materials have taken the leap in all spheres of our life. With the advancement of high-tech, homeowners and several industrialists along with corporate offices prefer decorating/constructing their interiors, especially the walls or ceilings to walk along with the latest world, moreover, to maintain a standard as well as some noticeable advantages listed below.

Regardless of the newly added facilities, plastering or GIB® fixers Auckland are the top preference for the current and future generations despite their shortcomings.


Weather impacts are something that everyone gets worried about and looks for solutions of installations that can save walls and ceilings from harsh environmental conditions. The most crucial aspect of a wall or ceiling, can only be expected from a GIB® or plaster fixing.

In the case of GIB® boards or drywall, the particles have a gap in between them due to perforation by which absolute penetration resistance is impossible and also not an expected thing from these kinds of materials.

But in plastering or GIB® installations, plaster atoms are fitted together so closely that there could be no space, so penetration is impossible. Thus, it is resistant to sound, water, and other outside subdivisions.


While constructing a brick wall and applying plastering, architectures should ensure that walls or ceilings are not creating or leaking any noise externally.

If you are living in Auckland, New Zealand, and looking for soundproof solutions for walls or ceilings, look no further than Qualified Painters because they use high-quality raw materials while plastering jobs. They make the lining so thick and well-knitted that allows the construction to be noise-proof automatically.

The same feature one can definitely not expect from cardboard or drywall materials. Furthermore, constructing a soundproof room or cabinet, GIB® fixers or plastering installations are the best to opt for because no other materials offer a soundproof and insulated environment.

Overall finish

When compared to drywall patches or modern-age GIB® plaster boards, plastering or GIB® fixers create a certain amount of shine or gloss while installing plastering boards, a conventional method to decorate or protect walls or ceilings from external factors.

Usually, the process follows the addition of water for longer, becomes so greasy, and a flush gives a lustrous finish that is unmatched to all other contemporary plaster forms. Do you want to hide a small crack in your ceiling or want shiny and smoothie walls for decoration and painting? If yes, then you should give it a try to GIB® fixers. Due to its shiny outcomes, this installation is a highly sought-after plastering solution people opt even though it is an old-age procedure.

Final thoughts—

In today’s world, people look for quality as well as persistence. That is why regardless of a conventional plaster form, GIB® fixers are the most demanded plastering job in Auckland due to their extraordinary benefits for a long-lasting wall or ceiling. Moreover, it is also a good choice for people who want to renovate their homes or offices. Before choosing any plaster type, keep all these aspects in mind to ensure you are doing the right thing.

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