6 Signs Your Home Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

Posted by: qpaint_admin / November 30, 2023

Do you see paint peeling off the wall? Is the freshness of the paint colour dulled and compromising with the overall appearance? The exterior of the home is the first thing that anyone notices and leaves quite the impression. However, over a period of time and enduring the constant weather conditions, the aesthetics and appeal of the home tend to reduce. 

Whether it’s faded wall colours or peeled or chipped paint, this indicates that your home is in need of a fresh coat of paint. Simply painting the home invigorates, rejuvenates the aesthetics, and protects walls from harsh external conditions. If you notice any of these 6 signs, it’s perhaps time to get in touch with skilled exterior painting in Auckland.

Fading colour of existing paint

This is one of the prominent signs indicating your home needs a fresh coat of paint. Due to exposure to sunlight, dust, dirt, and harsh environmental conditions, the freshness of the colour fades away. As the colours fade, the walls appear dull and overall diminish the appeal of the home. Coating the exterior walls of the home with a fresh and vibrant colour enhances the overall aesthetic of the home. 

Cracked or peeled paint layer 

Your home needs a fresh layer of paint if you find the existing colours peeling, cracking or flaking off the walls. Due to the peeling or cracking off the paint, the underlying wall is exposed to external aggressors making it prone to growth of mold and mildew. Cracking of paint also might be due to inadequate priming and lack of proper finishing. 

Spots on the walls

If you find spots or discolouration on the walls, it might be due to the growth of moss, mold and mildew. Discoloured spots often indicate the growth of mold underneath and demand immediate attention. Freshly painting the walls with good quality paint might prevent the growth and rejuvenate the home’s overall appeal.

Bored with the existing colour

If your home has outdated colour or you are simply tired of seeing the existing, it’s time to give it a fresh change. Simply changing the colours completely transforms the overall look of the home. Turn your uninspiring colour into a trendy and contemporary shade. With trends changing fast these days and design palettes evolving, old colour schemes might feel boring and lackadaisical.  Update your home and transform it into a modern space by freshly painting the home in trending colours. 

Damaged walls 

If your walls are damaged, be it exterior or interior, your walls might be craving for a fresh coat of paint. Paints have the ability to protect the walls from rain, sunlight, and other conditions. Applying a fresh layer of paint might reduce the potential damage to the walls and restore its overall outlook. 

Adverse weather conditions as well as the growth of mold and mildew deteriorate the condition of the walls. This makes the home prone to the breeding ground for contaminants and might increase allergic reactions and respiratory issues. This kind of compromises with the overall air quality of the indoors. Hence, freshly coating the walls with anti-microbial paint 

Paint has aged

Sometimes, there is no chipping, peeling or fading of the paint, but yet fresh painting might increase the longevity of the walls. Once the existing wall paint has aged, it will soon start showing signs like fading, cracks, or peeling. Hence, it is best to connect with a professional painting service for repainting the home to restore and retain the overall attractiveness of the home. 

Old paints often compromise the indoor air quality and at times might even release harmful or toxic fumes. As a result, it releases dirt and dust particles that negatively impact health. Repainting the walls with safe and sustainable paints reduce occurence of air pollution and hence improves the environment indoors. 

Choosing professional painters for home- Why it is important?

Refreshing the wall paint is a transformative experience, but also it is a good idea to hire professionals. Here is why hiring a skilled professional helps in enhancing the aesthetic and ensure quality work.

  • One of the biggest win of hiring professionals is getting high quality work with excellent workmanship. Equipped with advanced tools and techniques, the professionally done house painting withstands test of time. 
  • While it might sound expensive, but hiring professionals is cost-effective solution in the long run. With the expertise, it helps with minimizing wastage of the paint and the work is done with finesse. 
  • Painting professionals are trained in safety protocols and hence it reduces chances of injury and accidents. The whole process of painting involves use of handling large equipments, use of solvents, ladders etc. Expert painters help with risk mitigation by handling things with safety.
  • Professional bring next level precision and pay maximum attention to detail. From meticulous application of the colour to helping in picking the colour scheme, expert painters help with everything. 
  • During the painting process, there is a lot of mess created in and around. From tarps to plastic sheets, the place needs cleaning once the job is over. The professional painters make sure the place is clean, paints are properly disposed, and everything is put in place. 
  • Painting home is a time consuming process. However, professional painters streamline the process and adhering to deadlines. This saves time and ensure there is no prolonged disruption. 
  • Be it home or office or commercial painting project, executing the entire process is stressful. With skilled painters, it helps in thorough planning and management of the work. 

In summary, the signs that your home needs a fresh coat of paint is pretty evident. Whether it is the faded paint on the walls or peeled paints or struggling with damaged walls, all of this indicates that the wall needs new layer of painting. Protect your home and enhance the aesthetics and longevity of your home by hiring professional painters.

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