What is GIB® fixing and stopping?

Posted by: qpaint_admin / April 28, 2023

Do you want to enhance the overall look of your room while enhancing the safety aspect? Do you want an effective solution to achieve an appealing look?

If so, it’s time to consider GIB® fixing and stopping!

But before knowing how both are done, it’s important to understand the exact meaning of GIB®!

Understanding What “GIB®” is?

GIB® is a kind of lining board that is widely used in the construction of ceilings and interior walls. The term “GIB®” is generally used to be a brand name of a local manufacturer that is popular in the New Zealand market. One of the major highlights of GIB® boards is that they are available in different specialisations like water-resistant, fire-resistant, and noise-resistant, making them the perfect piece for your house.

When it comes to GIB® fixing, however, the quality of work is important because it can not only enhance the look of your space but it may also enhance safety.

That brings down to another major question- What is GIB® fixing and stopping?

Let’s discuss them in detail!

What is GIB® Fixing and Stopping?

GIB® fixing is all about the installation of your GIB® plasterboard either on your wall or ceiling, depending on your needs. When you hire a professional, they will first repair the damages and dents and then complete the process, giving your walls a smooth and quality finish.  

During the fixing process, they use the screws around the board and adhesive in the right areas to fix the boards.

No matter whether you are starting your construction or revamping the existing one, GIB® fixing is an important part of the installation. Don’t forget to hire certified professionals for the same, unless you might end up compromising the look and feel of your space.

Here’s another most discussed topic, i.e. GIB® stopping!

It’s often observed that most people think both terms are different, but they are not.

GIB® stopping in Auckland is an important part of the plastic board installation process that ensures a smooth finish of your boards on ceilings and walls. To start the process, experts use high-adhesive interior plaster to ensure coats are bedded. After that, multiple coats are applied to forge the flattest finish possible.

Is GIB® Stopping some kind of Plastering?

It is no secret that GIB® fixing and plastering are common terms used when it comes to the wall or home decorations. Coming down to the question of whether GIB® stopping is all about plastering, then it won’t be wrong to accept it. But GIB® stopping is a comprehensive procedure that not just includes plastering but a range of other things like wall skimming, interior painting, texture removal, and internal plaster process. Once all the steps are completed, you can decorate your GIB® boards the way you want.


So, that’s a wrap to the fundamental understanding of the GIB® fixing and stopping! If you are planning to install GIB® boards, don’t forget to hire an experienced professional to get the best-quality finish.

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